Real Estate

Real Estate

We provide a complete range of services for all property types, fully-integrated on a global basis, including leasing, sales and acquisitions, debt and equity, financing, investment banking, corporate services, property management, facilities management, project management, consulting and appraisal. Our strapping team of experts deliver integrated services to clients seeking appreciated value by owning, occupying or investing in real estate.

Real Estate Investment Market:

We strive to bridge the gap between investment markets and real estate. With an in depth understanding of real estate markets and a collaborative approach, we offer insights of the industry and work out strategic schemes for our clients to achieve both short and long-term financial goals.


Our transaction management follows a disciplined regime & provides our clients with:

Deal Support:

Our Transaction Manager initiates each project, sharing account protocols & processes and imparting captured key learning that results in increased speed of market and internal efficiencies.

Best Practices:

Our Transaction Manager employ best practice tools, policies and processes to drive continuous process improvement and innovative approach to your account.

Market Trends Analysis:

Our Transaction Manager identifies market trends and creates strategies that minimize risk and focus more time on addressing the needs of internal stakeholders.

Tailored Deliverables:

Our Transaction Manager develops structured and specific portfolio reporting against market, competitor or industry. It gives an operating report that identifies key market trends and its impact on your portfolio.

Performance Measurement:

Consistent performance and high levels of client satisfaction is our goal. Measuring performance on both individual assignments as well as overall satisfaction ensures that our clients receive services that consistently meet or exceed defined metrics and expectations.

Land Services

Our range of services include assisting prospective purchasers in identification, evaluation, & purchase of land; assisting land owners in disposal of their land holdings; facilitating investments for developers in various projects; organizing opportunities for various investors seeking to invest in remunerative projects; structuring joint ventures between landowners, developers, investors, end users ;assisting developers, corporate in divesting or investing in land portfolios; and assisting clients in sourcing, disposal of ‘Transferable Development Rights’, among others.

Research & Analysis

We undertake demographic and economic analysis, property market surveys and location analysis and evaluate current and projected economic & market conditions, thereby enabling clients to manage their risks and take advantage of future opportunities.

Market Entry & Location Strategy

We focus on providing our clients the best country locations for their specific operations, be it production, distribution, R&D, customer contact or shared service centres. We ensure that our solutions provide an efficient operating model, reduce facility leasing and construction costs, result in an optimized supply chain, provide adjacency to qualified labor, take full advantage of tax and incentives, and improve flexibility during the lifecycle of the business.

Due Diligences

The objective of due diligence is to provide the potential investor with information to enable him make an informed decision regarding the proposed investment or acquisition.

We undertake the following types of due diligences:

Technical (production & quality)
Human Resources
Assistance with negotiations, identifying key risk factors, review agreements, licenses & other documents from commercial & regulatory perspective

Investment Acquisition.

Our Investment Acquisition team works directly for potential investors and provides suitable opportunities for them in a wide range of property areas.

Transaction Management.

Our Transaction Management team develops and implements tools which support workflow management; promote cross training, skill sharing & adoption of best practices into local delivery teams.

Agency Leasing:

We focus on earning best returns for our clients on leased commercial and Residential property with strategies based on market trends and insight. Our Clients can be Investors, Developers, End Users, Landlord or Tenants. We offer the optimum cost and efficient Revenue in keeping with the market changes.

Investment Sales:

We targets investors across all property areas, screen all potential purchasers and work with the seller to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and investment memorandums. We co-ordinate & negotiate favourable terms, leading to successful exchange of contracts.

Investment Advisory:

We provide strategic advice on market entry and exit through detailed market research and analysis in order to maximize investment returns.

Our Services Include:

Location Analysis and Space Planning
Relocation, Expansion & consolidation
Site Selection & Feasibility
Financial Analysis
Negotiation Strategies & Negotiations Lease Renegotiations
Restructuring due-diligence co-ordination


Our broad range of offerings for various set of corporate include:

Sales lease back structuring & execution
Transaction Structuring
Fund raising (Equity or Debt)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Joint Ventures
Portfolio / Single Asset Strategy
Alternative Ownership Structures
Accommodation Strategy

Development consultancy.

JBP works with property developers and investors be it in residential, office, retail, hotel or industrial sectors. It provides full financial feasibility studies for developments and advice on all aspects of a project from building specifications, design, to target market positioning and likely future income streams.

Project & Development Services:

JBP has a strong combination of global experience, local knowledge, best practices and professional expertise to address your real estate project management needs. Our Team of experts will work with you to set measurable goals and achieve them throughout your project’s advisory, planning, design, and construction phases. Our consultative and methodical approach helps identify and assess your project risks by pre-empting issues before they become costly problems.

Lease Administration

We offer a comprehensive lease administration and auditing solution that accelerates quicker decision making and reduces risk. This is assisted by our IT platform, One View Lease Admin, which provides easy storage, retrieval and real-time access to every detail of your portfolio. It gives a concise view of your total real estate portfolio.

Organisational Modelling & Design.

We advise clients on operating model alternatives in view of trends and constraints across local and regional operating environments. This involves testing best-practices organizational and process models against local structural constraints – legal-regulatory, infrastructural, and socio-cultural.

Due Diligence Services

We collate a list of required documents, for purchaser inspection, and review the seller's due diligence materials on behalf of the purchaser, to offer our clients an in-depth and detailed understanding. The Services includes Legal Due Diligence, Technical Due Diligence, Commercial Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence.

Landlord Representation:

JBP's Landlord Representation & Project Marketing Services are aimed at enhancing asset value for building owners by maximizing rental values, occupancy levels and tenant quality. JBP with its in-depth market knowledge, innovative ideas and extensive industry contacts is considered to be the leading firm for landlords and developers.

Our services include:

Pre-arrival analysis
Lease negotiation

Corporate Finance:

JBP's real estate and corporate finance experts, craft advanced strategies to get the most out of your portfolio or a single property. Our corporate finance team can help evaluate real estate and business objectives through various channels to determine the most effective solutions and implement them. We develop and apply corporate real estate finance methods to align financing and occupancy decisions with tax, financial reporting and treasury objectives. Whether your portfolio involves a single location property or a complex set of worldwide decisions, we assemble a collaborative team that delivers remarkable results.

End Users:

Tenant Representation

We serve as strategic advisors, who are ‘at your beck and call’, if your organization is relocating a single major office or seeking a consistent strategy to acquire space. We’ll analyze your business drivers and occupancy needs, identify and evaluate appropriate options, and manage lease negotiations. We focus on lowering your real estate costs and occupancy risks while maximizing workplace flexibility& productivity.

Operational Enhancement & Supply Chain

We use sophisticated network modelling tools and technology to evaluate and optimize the client’s complete network. Our models are true optimizers, factoring disparate requirements such as the number of plants and distribution centres, their product mix, alternative distribution methods, transportation options, and proximity to major markets, customers and raw materials. We also help clients with services including distributor assessments, 3PL selection, and market assessments.

Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Managers are appointed to track and monitor ongoing transactions to ensure quality, cost savings and consistency of service delivery across multiple tactical transaction providers. Our professionals form close, hands-on partnerships with our clients to ensure that all services provided, coordinated & focused on helping our clients to simplify tracking and reporting procedures.

Commercial Tenant Representation:

Our team acts solely on behalf of the tenant and their interests to determine & implement the most cost-optimal, real estate solutions .Our process relies on gaining a detailed understanding of the tenant's business needs, identifying a shortlist of potential properties, and ultimately negotiating with one or more suitable properties. We ensure that the tenant has all relevant information to make well-informed decisions.

Services include:

Location Analysis and Space Planning
Relocation, Expansion & consolidation
Site Selection & Feasibility
Financial Analysis
Negotiation Strategies & Negotiations Lease Renegotiations
Restructuring, due-diligence and co-ordination


We provide local, national & multinational corporations, developers & institutional owners with industrial real estate solutions that exceed business objectives. Our focus is on helping clients develop solutions that improve shareholder value, maximize cost savings, enhance portfolio value and allows our clients to recognize the full potential of their real estate assets.

Our services include

Acquisition and Disposition,
Lease and Sale strategies that incorporate extensive market knowledge,
Comprehensive research
Incentive based Negotiations
Build-to-suit Analysis and Planning.

Residential Landlord Representation:

Our Residential Project Marketing team works closely with research and valuation department to conduct an analysis of the proposed plot of land and suggested usage. We offer advice in the early market analysis & evaluation stage on the design, development, layout, construction of the project as well as the best development steps & capital management.

Retail Market Research:

JBP advises on proper market entry and subsequent rollout strategy for retailers looking to enter a diverse market .All suggestions are followed by hard evidence& sustainable market data encompassing a range of quantitative, qualitative factors including market consideration, product mix, cultural background and logistics. The JBP competitor analysis is a systematic evaluation and study of the distribution network and relative success of similar brands and operators, aimed at providing an overall framework of not only the competition, but of the various successes and failures they have endured with regards to market entry strategy, store allocation, product mix, pricing and marketing.

Retail Tenant Representation

Our retail professionals compile a highly screened list of location recommendations for new or expanding retail operations. All locations are thoroughly evaluated and ranked according to the essential benchmarks, identified in the strategy and planning phase. Our cross-border database of retailers carries invaluable data on all aspects of retail operations throughout the world. Our research team carries out confidential, tailored projects on behalf of individual retailers. These cover market entry, demographics, location targeting, local economic information, rents, infrastructure, and competition analysis. We evaluate and identify the essential factors that will most efficiently support and promote your goals.

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